Monday, 30 April 2018





Li Bai, poet of Tang Dynasty, candied parting uncle Yun, the secretarial minster of Proofreading department at Xie Tiao Lou tower in City Xuanzhou:

Those that forsakes me shall not remain from yesterday;
Those who mess with my heart have much to worry about today.
Seeing Long wind sent Autumn Geese thousands of miles south, this beautiful scene can be toast at 
    high tower .
Uncle Yun’s essays and articles is vigorous with Han’s Penglai format and Jianan style, as my poems can also compare with Southern Qi Dynasty's poetXie Tiao. It is elegant and unrestrained high.
We both are endowed with aspirations and mighty thoughts, and have intention to hug the bright full
    moon up the blue sky .
With knife cuts off the water, the water keeps flowing more and more; lifting glasses of liquid for the abatement of vexation, instead, sorrow and sad keep coming more .
Life in the world does not mean, we prefer to boating tomorrow with hair unkempt.


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